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This is an important customer notice:


As most of our customers are aware we were initially closed for maintenance and repairs within the centre that the land owner failed to arrange. It was during this time that we were informed of the devastating news that we were going to be served with notice to cease trading and vacate the premises. We received the official notice in writing on Friday 21st April and were originally given just under 2 weeks to vacate. We are contesting these time frames however, we were forced to put a halt to all repairs.


As most know - as of early this year we were advised that Lidl’s plans had been thwarted. Ourselves, the community and our local MP’s amongst others raised objective and had secured the future, so we thought at the time of PSL Bowling and as a small local business we are extremely grateful to all for their time in efforts of doing so. It has now been made apparent that Lidl have been advising the land owner on actions to take towards securing a closed sale on the site. We have been left out of all communications and any attempts to obtain important information or be a part of any discussions has been ignored.


The outrageous manner in which this whole situation has been conducted puts the trading of PSL Bowling in great jeopardy. As most of you know, we are a small, family owned business home to a very close knit team whom have worked tirelessly over the previous years to develop the business in interest of the team and the community. We have, with success continued to improve, build trade, support our team and the local area and we couldn’t have done this without the support of our customers. The pressure of this battle against Lidl has prevented us from moving forward and developing the site further to where we know it needed to and could be and we are so sorry that we were unable to do this for you all.


We strongly feel as a small business that we have, along our customers and the community have been utterly disrespected and that Lidl, the land owner and other parties involved have acted outrageously with no appreciation towards any of us. We know that the loss of ourselves and fitness first will be of damaging proportion as Lidl are effectively taking away from the local area, youth groups, schools and local businesses whom all work together to support each other and have a positive effect on the community. Their attitude is appalling and it is safe to say that the costs to them will be insignificant when compared to the damage that has been caused to us. The entire team at PSL Bowling are devastated and although we plan to fight for relocation we feel that the abrupt nature of the surfacing of the news and by being kept in the dark we have not been given a fair chance to maintain this as a possibility. This has also given us little to no time to create a contingency plan, to secure the resources needed to save our selves or to inform and support our customers and suppliers.


We would like to close by thanking our loyal and dedicated customers and the people of Stirchley who passionately campaigned for ours and the gyms safety and whom supported us as a business and helped make us a success compared to the buildings predecessors. We would also like to express our condolences and thanks to the team at fitness first Stirchley and we would like to thank you all for being a part of this journey with us and helping to improve the land and support the community, we wish each team member all the best. We would also like to thank our team for their undeniable hard work and support regarding the growth of the business. It has been a memorable journey for us all to be proud of ! We will continue to fight this battle and will be pursuing legal advice and support as we refuse to let this destroy us and we invite any offers of help with our situation as we work to obtain a cohesive plan of action.


We are sorry that this isn’t positive news and hope that you can appreciate that this is a sensitive and emotional time for us but we do hope that this isn’t goodbye forever.


The entire Team at PSL Bowling !

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